2016! New Year – New Adventures in TEFL!


Happy New Year TEFLheaven’ers! A new year brings up the excitement of new opportunities, new goals, a chance to start over and start living the way you were meant to. You were meant to live a life of fun, adventure, learning about the great big amazing world we live in, and meeting people that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself.


Taking the leap to live abroad is a resolution that you will never regret. No matter how scary it may feel jumping into the unknown, it’s unmatched to the excitement and thrill you get from it. New landscapes, people, food, culture, and exploring will open your eyes to see just what life is about. Teaching English is probably the best way to immerse yourself in the culture and community of a new country, while at the same time giving you ample free time to explore and have fun on your own terms. Did we mention you get paid to do this as well? Cha-chingg ;D

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Life moves fast, and people often become immersed or stuck quickly in a dead end desk job, or end up having families they need to support. Before you start climbing the corporate ladder, or into a career that will limit your opportunity to travel, take a chance on TEFL. Now’s the time to be selfish and take charge of your life – do something for yourself – this is your year!


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Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Guatemala, Peru, and the Czech Republic are waiting – pick your adventure now! 🙂



About Mike Maitland

Mike is one of the directors of TEFL Heaven and has a passion for all things to do with teaching abroad, TEFL and Thailand. Mike lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife and four young children.