TEFL Heaven’s Paradise Selfie Competition

Want to win 2000 THB?

Then enter the in-course TEFL Heaven Paradise Selfie Competition! There is 2000 THB available for a TEFLer in Krabi and also a TEFLer on Koh Chang on the Internships Thailand Program.

All you need to do is post a status update on Facebook of a selfie of you on TEFL Heaven. You get 10 points for a Facebook like, 20 points for a share and 30 points for each friend comment!

Make sure you tag TEFL Heaven’s company page and then share your post to our page so we can count your points!

Only one selfie can be entered and the competition starts on Wednesday 29th April 2015 (Thailand). Entries will be counted on Friday 8th May 2015 at 9am (Thailand).

Be creative, be funny, be boring (impossible on this course!) but whatever you do, try to create an interest in your post so you can get more likes, comments and shares. Only one comment/ share will be counted per Facebook friend, so there is no point asking your friends to blast your post with more than one comment each!

You can ask your friends to comment, like and share if you like, and even have that in your status update for the selfie.


Post a public status update of a selfie and tag TEFL Heaven in the status (not in the comments!). Ask your friends to like, comment and share. Share your post on our company page before Friday 1st May 2015 so we have it in our sights!

Remember not to post until Wednesday as early entries will not be counted! Non-public entries or entries with sexual or other inappropriate content won’t be counted either.



About Mike Maitland

Mike is one of the directors of TEFL Heaven and has a passion for all things to do with teaching abroad, TEFL and Thailand. Mike lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife and four young children.