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Choose Your Own Adventure: TEFL to Scuba Dive

Teaching English could be the answer to a scuba divers dream! While your weekdays will be full of teaching English games to children, or having meaningful conversations with adults in class – your weekends are free for your own. Beaches are usually just hours away, or may even be on your doorstep. Most of the […]

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Choose your own adventure: TEFL to Surf

Teaching English in itself is such a rewarding job, non-native English students are so eager to learn, and so grateful for the time you take for them – even (actually especially) if it’s just a game you play with them. As a teacher you become immersed in the local culture and community you’ve become a […]

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What to Pack for your TEFL Heaven Adventure!

 So! You just booked your TEFL course in the country of your dreams and you are so excited you want to dieee (but not really, we know the feeling).  It may be months away, or happening just next week! Either way – you will need to start thinking about what the heck a globe-trotting, adventure-having […]

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