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Finding My Own TEFL Job – In a Completely Different Country!

“Why Chile?” The question that I’m asked on what seems like a daily basis. The answer to this question is not a one-liner, and as most people are asking out of polite curiosity, I usually just opt for something short and sweet like “I wanted to learn Spanish”. This was obviously true to some extent; however […]

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Readjusting to Life at Home After Living Abroad

You come back to your roots, but you find your roots have now expanded. You’ve outgrown your home.   It’s hard to think that the place you’ve known as home could ever feel foreign. When you first move to a foreign country, the feeling is reversed. Everything is new. Things can feel really hard, confusing, and […]

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5 Things You Should Know Before Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina

They call Buenos Aires the Paris of South America. I don’t like this comparison for two reasons. One, I’ve never been to Paris so I don’t know if it has any validity or not and more importantly, two, I believe Buenos Aires has it’s own “onda” (vibe) unlike anywhere else in the world and therefore […]

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Teaching English In Mexico – Luke’s Interview

We caught up with Teacher Luke who recently gained his TEFL Certification with TEFL Heaven. We were able to ask him questions about his TEFL experience as well as what it’s really like to live and work in the beautiful country that is Mexico! 1. What we’re you doing before you began your TEFL Adventure? […]

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TEFL Adventures in Cusco, Peru – Veronica’s Journey

About Me I am Veronica; proud Ohioan who completed a M.A. Degree in Latin American History at the University of Toledo. I am living in Cusco to teach English, improve my Spanish and Quechua, and explore Peruvian culture along the way. I love animals of all shapes and sizes, food, and am an Inca History […]

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