Please note that you can still apply to our programs and join the courses if you do not meet the eligibility criteria.
However, you will not be guaranteed a job within 30 days completion of the course. 


With all of our programs we offer a job guarantee to everyone booked who meets the eligibility criteria. For each program, jobs are normally secured between 0-30 days after the course is finished.

The guaranteed job is not pre-sourced meaning that you will have to make your own efforts to apply for the jobs that you want. With the completion of the TEFL course and the support of our on site team, you should have no problem in regards to this. As long as you put in the necessary effort when applying for jobs, you are guaranteed to secure one within the time frame of 30 days. There are plenty of opportunities in this work field for teachers who are dedicated and serious in their application which is why we have such a high success rate when securing a job.

If your efforts in securing a job after completion of the course are proving to be unsuccessful, please contact us no later than 15 days after you have finished the course. This way we can evaluate your situation and help you further your search.

To receive a refund of your deposit after 30 days of completion of the course without successfully securing a job, you must have completed the following actions:

            1. Be able to show evidence that you applied for jobs at least 15 days in to the TEFL course. Evidence includes but is not limited  to emails,                         photos of applications, correspondence with potential employers
            2. Have applied to no less than 10 teaching position.
            3. Have contacted us 15 days prior to the 30 day deadline if you are having difficulty securing employment.