Definition of ‘native English speaker’ – Within the TEFL industry a native English speaker is defined as an individual whose mother tongue is English, and has passport from one of the below countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa – Please read below if you are a South African wanting to apply for Thailand

Definition of ‘Guaranteed Paid Job’ – TEFL Heaven offer a job guarantee for those that meet the criteria. This means that we guarantee that you will be able to secure a paid teaching job in the country you train in, within 30 days of finishing the TEFL qualification. Our training team will be working with you to apply for jobs that you are happy to go for. Whilst the job guarantee states you’ll get a job within 30 days of the training, you can realistically expect to secure a position within a couple of weeks or less.

The Paid Internships Thailand Program works a little differently inasmuch as your job is pre-sourced, so you will receive a job straight after training and won’t need to apply for any positions.

Definition of ‘Job Seeking Assistance’ – TEFL Heaven provides job seeking assistance for those who don’t meet the criteria for a guaranteed job. This means that our training team will work with after the training to help secure you a job in the country you’ve trained in, and whilst you will have an excellent chance of securing a position, we are not able to say it is guaranteed.

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Other Requirements

What is important is that applicants have the right character, desire and attitude towards teaching English as a foreign language.

We are looking for candidates that have a bright and outgoing personality, who are open minded enough to accept and embrace the challenges that come with living and teaching abroad. We need candidates who are full of enthusiasm, and who have a sense of loyalty to the job, to the students and to the staff they will be working with.

It is not essential to have any previous teaching experience although this is obviously helpful. You do not need to be in possession of any kind of formal teaching qualification as you will be gaining this through the program. It is not necessary to have travel or work experience either.

Candidates must have no criminal record and there is no foreign language requirements for any of our teach abroad programs. The most important aspects are that you have the right attitude, a strong desire to teach and a willingness to learn!

South African Applicants and Thailand Programs

South Africans are not considered native English by the Thai government – which is ridiculous really but we have to mention this here.  If you are South African, and want to teach in Thailand, you will need to take an English test, either TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS.  The scores you need are:

TOEIC – 600
TOEFL – 550
IELTS – 5.5

You can do this test in Bangkok, but if you can get it before you arrive, it can save you a lot of time.

"Even today, over a year after finishing my TEFL training, I know that I can contact TEFL Heaven with any questions and problems, and that they will be happy to help. I highly recommend this internship - I've had the time of my life. If you're having any doubts, I say go for it!"

− Stefanie Seaton