TEFL Training and a Guaranteed Paid Teaching Job

Our company offers the world something simple – you get a TEFL training course and a guaranteed paid teaching job in a foreign country. We specialise in placements in Europe, Asia and Latin America. We offer either city training locations, or paradise training locations. Some TEFL courses we offer have accommodation as complimentary for the training period, and some courses offer accommodation assistance for that time. You need to check with the exact information on the program pages for what is exactly offered for each program.

TEFL courses vary in length (normally 3 or 4 weeks) and all are completely face to face. Training is also normally in the country where you will also receive the paid teaching job.

Once you have completed the TEFL training you will be assisted by the TEFL training team in gaining employment. All jobs are guaranteed for degree holders and native English speakers. We offer job guarantees on some programs to those without degrees and who are not native English, see the Eligibility page for more details.

How We Work – First Come, First Served

We work on a first come, first served basis. This means that there are no deadlines or time limits for booking your place on any of our programs, but there are limited spaces.

You need to have a Skype interview with us before you can book onto any program – and if you pass the interview and we accept you, then you physically need to email us the booking form and make the deposit payment to confirm your place so we know that you accept your place!

Once your place is secure, we then send your details to our TEFL training team in the host country and from there you are sent information about how to prepare for this experience in terms of airports to fly to, visas to apply for and even luggage to pack!

"I would highly recommend TEFL Heaven to anyone interested in spending an extended period abroad. Well organised, experienced and supportive throughout the process. My 18 months in Thailand was incredible.

− Clementine Westlake