Spotlight on: Costa Rica ~ *Samara Beach* & *Manuel Antonio*

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Costa Rica is the land of plenty in Central America! It boasts a vast biodiversity greater than the USA and Europe combined. From rain forests, to monkeys in the deep jungles, cascading waterfalls and swimming holes to the breathtaking coast known for its surfing scene and fascinating underwater reefs as well. If you’re looking to ‘shred the gnaarr” or “get pitted” there are several secret surf spots for the pros, as well as surfing schools for the newbies. There’s so much to do, see and explore in this beautiful country. So much so that we couldn’t pick just one location for our TEFL training, but 2!


Manuel Antonio is located in a bustling village full of costa rican beauty. You’re smack in the middle of a nature park, where you can find hundreds of species of birds, monkeys, lizards, and sloths! You’re also close to the beach here and will find waterfalls and mountains to explore nearby as well. In Manuel Antonio you’ll be able to live like the locals, really immerse yourself in the culture, language, and get to know the Costa Rican people. It’s such a central location that you are near to everything: the rainforest, the beach, mountains, and the city of San Jose.


Samara Beach is of course a coastal location, a little more north  and remote than Manuel Antonio, but it doesn’t lack in beauty that is for sure. Its a little more touristy as the stunning beach attracts a lot of holidayers. There are plenty of restaurants to Surfing is quite popular around here, as well as snorkeling and scuba diving in the lively coral reefs off of the coast. c-fakepath-sarahs-1-resize-104100

Teaching in Costa Rica is really a joy, as the people are so happy and eager to learn English. Your lessons will be fun, and sometimes you even get a Spanish lesson yourself in the exchange! The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, but at the same time very laid back. They love to share the love for their own food and culture – so you will definitely be immersed in the Costa-rican lifestyle. The locals have a saying they use “Pura Vida” which is the eternally optimistic view they have of life, literally meaning “Pure life”, that no matter whats happening in our life, we are still fortunate. Live life “Pura Vida” style in Costa Rica and I’m sure all your worries will leave you soon! 🙂

pura vida




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