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Teach English in Thailand - no degree

Speak To Us About This Program:
(+1) 916 692 0226 (USA/ CAN)
(+44) 208 1333 885 (UK)

Thailand Koh Samui TEFL Program Summary

Located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand, the training is completed over a 4 week period, during which you will learn all the theoretical and practical skills needed to teach TEFL effectively. In addition to this you will gain confidence and experience by engaging and teaching real students in Thai schools. This experience combined with the training will help you to feel ready and prepared to enter the exciting industry of TEFL which has the potential to take you all over the world

This course differs from our other TEFL Heaven program in Thailand in so much as it’s run throughout the year meaning greater flexibility and potentially a shorter wait to get into that dream job of teaching English abroad. This is one of the very best TEFL courses in Thailand! 

teach English in Thailand - students

The course provided an environment that was communal and supportive. The trainees came from different backgrounds and for different reasons; though, were all learning to do the same thing- teach abroad. It was beautiful.

Adam Gootnick

​ See full review on the Go Overseas website >>>

Key Program Details

  • What's included
  • housing

Accommodation is Affordable on a Teaching Salary

Accommodation costs during training are around 370 USD for 4 weeks in a private room in a hotel close to the training centre. There are 2 hotels to choose from and the rate includes cleaning once per week, WiFi and use of the hotel's amenities. You can of course arrange your own accommodation, however most trainees do choose the hotels as others from the course will also be staying there.

After training and when you're teaching, rent is approximately 125 USD per month for a small or shared apartment. You will normally need to put down two month’s rent as a rental deposit or bond for your accommodation. This will normally be around 250 USD. You will also need to pay for your first month’s rent upfront, which will be another 125 USD THB.

Start Dates and Fees

Start dates for this TEFL Program are generally every month and places fill up fast. Thailand is a popular location for teaching English abroad, so we suggest you apply early in order to get your desired start date.

Go here to see all start dates and prices of this program.


One of the best benefits of booking a trip through TEFL Heaven was that you have an immediate support system. Having the friends you make through TEFL has been one of the things that has gotten me through this trip. It's also amazing to receive advice and tips from your trainers who have been here at least 6 months

Alana Ortiz

 TEFL Teacher Thailand

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Begin Your Journey Now

Begin Your Journey Now

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Why Teach English in Thailand?

Gorgeous Weather

Thailand is hot all year round. This, coupled with its many beaches and islands means when you have time off, you really get to relax!

Help Others

In life, relationships matter! Your relationship with your students will be the thing you treasure the most in your time abroad.

Explore Asia

Bangkok is known as the hub for Asia, and a quick flight will get you to Vietnam, China, Malaysia and even Australia in an hour!

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