We offer paid teaching abroad programs in 10 countries worldwide! Whether you are a native or non native English speaker, and have a degree or not, there are programs available to each and every candidate. Please scroll below and click through to find out more!

teach abroad programs

Get TEFL certified in the beautiful city of Madrid. You’ll be training with a like minded group of people and so will make friendships that will last a lifetime. Guaranteed paid teaching jobs, with great salaries. Lower living costs ensure you can enjoy all Spain has to offer, whilst living and working in the sunniest capital of Europe.

paid teaching abroad programs czech republic

Experience the amazing architecture and museums, whilst earning your TEFL qualification, in the historical city of Prague.  It boasts a bustling TEFL industry and has a low-cost of living. You’ll be teaching 18-25 hours per week, so will have plenty of time to explore, travel and take in all the sights this wonderful city has to offer.

paid teaching abroad programs paid internships thailand

Train for 3 weeks on a paradise island, to complete your 120 hour TEFL Certification. A pre sourced placement will then follow, and you’ll be living and working in the ‘land of smiles’ in no time! With only half your salary needed for living costs, you can travel this beautiful country (and the islands of course!) on a TEFL teachers wage.

paid teaching abroad programs samui thailand

With the training course situated on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand, over a 4 week period you’ll learn all you need to know about becoming a TEFL teacher. With theory and practical skills taught in a paradisiacal setting, you will gain confidence teaching students in Thai schools – or anywhere in the world for that matter!

paid teach abroad programs vietnam

You’ll do your TEFL training in Ho Chi Minh City and receive a guaranteed paid teaching job anywhere in Vietnam. With high wages and spending less than half of your salary on living costs, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the most popular destinations worldwide! Vietnam boasts both exotic weather and coastline and islands to die for, it really is a tropical paradise.

teach abroad programs

Spend 4 weeks training in the bustling city of Shanghai. Receive your TEFL qualification and get a guaranteed paid teaching job anywhere in China. If you are looking to dive into a new adventure in Asia, with a country rich in heritage and history, China is for you. Excellent salaries and great standards of living, ensure you will have the best experience teaching English in China.

paid teaching abroad programs costa rica

Begin your TEFL journey in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. This coastal location is a tourist hotspot because of the exotic flora and fauna, amazing surf, and tropical jungles. Costa Rica actually abolished their national army to save money to employ more teachers. Education is key, and you can make a difference and add to their army of teachers!

paid teaching abroad programs mexico

TEFL training is held in the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta right on the Pacific coast, and surrounded by beaches. After you have completed your 140 hour TEFL course, we guarantee everyone a work placement in Mexico. Placements could be anywhere in the country – and coastal placements are plentiful if sunshine is what you’re after.

teach abroad programs peru

Peru and it’s ancient Incan roots, is home to some of the oldest culture today, with Machu Picchu being the most iconic site of them all. If you are looking for a warm, friendly, cultural experience in Latin America, then Peru has it all. Full TEFL certification is followed by paid teaching roles all over Peru, so you can continue your travel adventures.

paid teaching abroad programs guatemala

Guatemala is home to the Mayan people, and has various ancient ruins and landmarks dotted all over the country. Traditional dress and culture is common among the indigenous natives, alongside developed cities and towns. You will receive a 140 hour TEFL certification in the beautiful city of Antigua. Guaranteed jobs are found all over the country too!

paid teaching abroad programs argentina

Gain your TEFL certificate, full face to face in country training, with real teaching practice included. Buenos Aires is often referred to as the Paris of South America with it’s European atmosphere. Tango, salsa, and the Latin culture make it one of our most popular destinations. Guaranteed paid teaching jobs on completion, mean you will be set to travel the world in no time!