From the Great Wall of China, to the long period of the Qing Dynasty to 1949 communism, to the fast growing free markets of China today – China is rich in history, progressive in character and deep in culture. Today, China boasts one of the strongest economies in the world and that means the demand to learn English has grown rapidly as well – with many families willing to pay for the skills they need to get ahead in the world.

When you settle in China however, things quickly become more normal and people are just as friendly as you would expect. The people love foreigners and they love to learn English. Teachers are highly respected and you will find that being a teacher in China is more than just a job. You are an example of the Western world.


As you can imagine, with China being one of the biggest countries by land mass, there are a variety of weather centres. The temperature from the north west to the south east moves from below freezing all the way to the tropical temperatures of Shanghai.


When giving and receiving gifts, present and receive them with both hands.

Being punctual shows respect.

Handshakes are a common greeting, as are head nods, but neither are necessary.

Do not overreact if people ask you about your marital status, family, age, or income as this is done to seek common ground.


  • As well as cycle lanes on footpaths in China, in some cities there are smartphone lanes for those who wish to walk, text and not bump into anyone.
  • Ice cream was invented in China 2000 years ago and consisted of a soft milk, snow and rice mixture.
  • China has only one time zone, despite its size.
  • There are more Christians in China, than in Italy at an estimated 54 million.