Train in TEFL to begin your journey to teach English in Argentina. The 4 weeks face-to-face training is held in Buenos Aires, one of the world’s most famous cities, with it’s European atmosphere, Tango, and arguably the best steak in the world, there are few better places to complete your TEFL training. After the TEFL training is complete you will receive both a TEFL certificate, qualifying you to teach English anywhere in the world, and also a guaranteed paid teaching job, which could be anywhere in Argentina!

You will train with other like-minded people and easily make friends for the first few weeks before you begin to teach English in Argentina. Language centres offer most teaching jobs, so you will teach all different age groups as well as private individuals and perhaps business clients.

4 weeks face-to-face TEFL training
TEFL Training in one of the world’s most famous cities
Qualifies you to teach English abroad anywhere
Guaranteed paid teaching job after the TEFL training
Live and work in one of the most popular countries
Start dates generally every month

teach English in Argentina

The average teaching salary is between 800 USD – 1200 USD, with living costs around about the same. You can make more or less depending on how many teaching hours you decide to do. Argentina is a country on the rebound from economic woes of recent years, making it a remarkably affordable place to live, and a highly literate populace, and competitive middle class means there’s no shortage of people looking to improve their English language skills. Argentines understand the importance of education and how key it is to rebuilding their prosperity and with TEFL Heaven you could be at the forefront of it!

To be able to receive a guarantee of a job you need to be a native English speaker, but you do not need to have a bachelors degree. Most jobs are also actually in Buenos Aires, but other locations are available.

We invite you to read through the program, think about what it entails, and then ask us any questions by phone, online chat or email – we will be happy to help!

– The TEFL Heaven Team

"Everything was great! Applying to Tefl heaven was an impulsive decision for me but easily the best I have ever made. If you're at all questioning whether to do it or not.... DO IT. You won't regret it!"

− Naomi Thompson