Train in TEFL to begin your journey to teach English in Argentina. The 4 weeks face-to-face training is held in Buenos Aires, one of the world’s most famous cities, with it’s European atmosphere, Tango, and arguably the best steak in the world, there are few better places to complete your TEFL training. After the TEFL training is complete you will receive both a TEFL certificate, qualifying you to teach English anywhere in the world, and also a guaranteed paid teaching job, which could be anywhere in Argentina!

You will train with other like-minded people and easily make friends for the first few weeks before you begin to teach English in Argentina. Language centres offer most teaching jobs, so you will teach all different age groups as well as private individuals and perhaps business clients.

4 weeks face-to-face TEFL training
TEFL Training in one of the world’s most famous cities
Qualifies you to teach English abroad anywhere
Guaranteed paid teaching job after the TEFL training
Live and work in one of the most popular countries
Start dates generally every month

teach English in Argentina

The average teaching salary is between 800 USD – 1200 USD, with living costs around about the same. You can make more or less depending on how many teaching hours you decide to do. Argentina is a country on the rebound from economic woes of recent years, making it a remarkably affordable place to live, and a highly literate populace, and competitive middle class means there’s no shortage of people looking to improve their English language skills. Argentines understand the importance of education and how key it is to rebuilding their prosperity and with TEFL Heaven you could be at the forefront of it!

To be able to receive a guarantee of a job you need to be a native English speaker, but you do not need to have a bachelors degree. Most jobs are also actually in Buenos Aires, but other locations are available.

We invite you to read through the program, think about what it entails, and then ask us any questions by phone, online chat or email – we will be happy to help!

– The TEFL Heaven Team

"Everything was great! Applying to Tefl heaven was an impulsive decision for me but easily the best I have ever made. If you're at all questioning whether to do it or not.... DO IT. You won't regret it!"

− Naomi Thompson



This 4 week face-to-face intensive training is preferred by employers for its teaching practice elements, and expert feedback. Once you have gained your qualification you will be ready to teach English in Argentina or any other country in the world. It is your ticket to travel.


Accommodation is not included in this program, but we do offer assistance in booking accommodation, and accommodation costs around 800 USD for 4 weeks. You have the option of living with home stay family or shared apartment for the duration of the course.

Our home stay families are carefully vetted. Staying with Argentinian families are a great way to immerse yourself in Argentine culture – especially if you want to improve your Spanish!

There is also an option of a shared flat. If you choose to find your own accommodation, you can also search AirBnB and Agoda for deals.


On completion of the four week course, you are guaranteed a paid teaching job in Argentina. You’ll be provided with contacts and resources to set up interviews and secure your teaching position, which should be accomplished 0-30 days after the end of the course. Almost half of Argentina’s population resides in the province of Buenos Aires, so many of the nations English teaching jobs can be found here.

Through our Skype interview we judge whether we think you are a good person to teach English in Argentina, and if you pass that inteview you should have no worries!

Most jobs are in language centres and you are normally paid by the hour. Salaries are between 800 USD and 1200 USD per month, depending on your rate of pay per hour and amount of hours you do. A teacher doing 20 – 25 hours per week is normal.


Making friends is easy! The classroom environment is fun, and trainees often find they have many things in common. Everyone certainly  shares the dream of teaching English abroad, and it’s nice to know there’s others in the same situation as you, at what can be a daunting time at first. Hit the town in the evenings, or take an excursion at the weekend and share experiences that will stay with you for a life time.



Exact Start Date

The start date is the date specified above and is the first date of training in Buenos Aires. This means you need to arrive at least 4 days before the start date of each course in order to travel to the training location and overcome any jet lag. End dates are exactly 4 weeks later and courses end on a Friday.

Not All Future Start Dates Are Advertised

If you are planning ahead and need start dates even further in the future, contact us and we will tell you all future start dates up to 2 years ahead.

Paid Teaching Jobs Start Dates?

The dates that you start teaching vary. With this program, jobs are available throughout the terms. Generally teaching jobs are secured and started 0-30 days of the end date of the program. Remember, jobs are guaranteed to all degree holders on this program.

Buenos Aires Start Dates

20th Mar 201729th May 20177th Aug 201711th Sep 2017
Deadline Passed!Deadline Passed!Deadline Passed!Spaces!
16th Oct 2017
8th Jan 201819th Mar 201828th May 20186th Aug 2018
15th Oct 201819th Nov 2018

6 Months Or More Paid Teaching

4 Weeks TEFL Training In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Fees

LocationBooking Deposit2nd InstalmentTotal Price
Buenos Aires650 USD800 USD1450 USD

The total price of this program is $1450 USD. The amounts shown below in other currencies are for reference only. These figures are updated weekly.

Buenos Aires Fees - Other currencies for reference only

CurrencyBooking Deposit2nd InstalmentTotal Price
GBP500 GBP620 GBP1120 GBP

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What Am I Paying For?

 Full TEFL Certification.
A paid teaching job guarantee.


Buenos Aires embodies our brand in that it is a cultural paradise. Buenos Aires is overflowing with bars and restaurants to recline in after a days TEFL training with your new found friends.

Do you like to Tango? If so, this city has many places to practice as a beginner or expert. Many popular tourist sites can be seen at the historical core of Buenos Aires, Plaza de Mayo; it was also the site of the 1810 revolution which birthed Argentina itself.

Book a guided tour to get your bearings and delve into the heritage of the city. Shop, dine and dance the night away in a tango club. Buenos Aires is a modern city – you can pretty much do anything here that you can in the other large cities of the world, and it’s very westernised.


The original European settlers believed the country was laced with silver, and christened the country “Argentina” from the Latin word for silver “Argentum”.  Whilst this isn’t the case, it’s clear from Argentina’s recent tourism boom there are plenty of other treasures to be discovered. A plethora of natural beauties from snow capped mountains, to vast wet lands, a paradise to some of Argentina’s most amazing plants and animals – complimented by passionate people with a proud history.

The 8th largest country in the world by area, but home to as little as 41 million people, concentrated in Argentina’s large cities in the east; the country can be characterised by its awesome landscapes. The rugged topography of the Andes form a natural border with Chile in the west, the vast southern plateau of Patagonia divides glaciers in the south with mountainous jungle to the north.

paid teaching abroad programs argentina


As you would expect for a country spanning 34˚ in latitude the climate of Argentina varies drastically. Subtropical Yungas regions in the northeast are very hot and humid, northern mountainous regions are generally dry with great temperature fluctuations, becoming alpine further south, and sub polar at the extreme. However, don’t fret; the most populated areas are generally temperate.


If you asked the average Argentine what four things they couldn’t live without, they might very well say football, coffee, beef and tango, if they were being incredibly stereotypical. The cities have a distinct European flavour evident in the architecture, fashion and relaxed social attitudes. Rural areas embrace the Gaucho “cowboy” culture which emphasises the importance of freedom and self-reliance.


Argentina serves up something for everyone. Nature lovers can catch a glimpse of elephant seals and southern right whales in the Valdes Peninsula nature reserve or gaze in ore at the spectacular Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian boarder. Budding explorers can trek in the foothills of Cerro Aconcagua the highest point in the Americas at just shy of seven thousand metres, or take a cruise to Antarctica from Ushuaia, the world’s most southern city. Culturephiles can investigate the ancient Inca and colonial heritage, or simply kick back at more familiar beach resort.


  • The Malbec wine produced in the province of Mendoza is considered by some to be the world’s finest.
  • The country consumers more beef per capita than any other.
  • Argentina had 5 different presidents over a period of just 10 days in 2001.
  • Political parties have their own brands of beer.
  • It’s no exaggeration to say football is a religion, fans of retired football superstar Diego Maradona founded a religion dedicated to him.