Training to teach English in Spain, is now more popular than ever! You will begin the program with 4 weeks face to face training in the vibrant city of Madrid.

With good salaries and reasonable living costs, summer weather, sandy beaches, and the laid back Spanish lifestyle, Madrid is one of our most popular locations! As there are more TEFL jobs than teachers, you can be assured you’ll be in high demand after you’re certified.

The TEFL training is in the bustling centre of Madrid. You’ll be training with a like minded group of people and so will make friendships that will last a lifetime. After the training a guaranteed paid teaching job will be yours! Teaching salaries are between 1000 – 1350 EUR per month depending on which part of the country and the school/ language centre. With around two thirds of this averaging as living costs, you’ll be able to enjoy all Spain has to offer!

The cost of this program depends on whether you have an EU passport or not. Those that do have an EU passport do not need a working visa. For those that are not from the EU, you can do the program with an additional visa program fee, which includes 36 weeks of Spanish classes – which gives you a visa so that you can live legally for a year in Spain, and apply for permission to work

4 weeks face-to-face TEFL training
TEFL Training in one of the world’s most famous cities
Qualifies you to teach english abroad anywhere
Guaranteed paid teaching job after the TEFL training
Live and work in one of the most popular countries
Start dates generally every month

teach english in spain

Teaching hours are between 20 – 25 hrs per week commonly and teaching contracts can be 6 months or more, with many teachers staying for 2 years or more. There are always opportunities to supplement your income with private tuition, or simply by working more hours!

You will train in how to teach English in Spain with another 15 or so like-minded individuals who are starting their TEFL journey with you. It’s easy to make friends when you have a lot in common and lots to talk about! You will also have the opportunity to learn Spanish through our complimentary lessons over the 4 week training period, and so you can fully immerse yourself in the culture.

We welcome applications from everyone who is interested in exploring a new culture. Have a read through the different elements of the program and decide if this country fits into your desire to have a change of life and teach English abroad.

-The TEFL Heaven Team

"Everything was great! Applying to Tefl heaven was an impulsive decision for me but easily the best I have ever made. If you're at all questioning whether to do it or not.... DO IT. You won't regret it!"

− Naomi Thompson



The TEFL course in Madrid consists of 4 weeks training, and normally runs from 09:30 am to 19:00 pm (with breaks involved of course!) Once you have passed the course, you will have a full TEFL certificate meaning you can teach English anywhere in the world.

For non-EU citizens, we have a visa program which lasts for one year. It consists of the 4 week TEFL training course as above, and 36 weeks of Spanish and cultural classes which run part time (20 hours per week). With this student visa you are also allowed to work for 20 hours per week which fits around your study and leisure time perfectly!


Accommodation can be arranged during the training period and is around 500 Euros per month. This is a shared student apartment with full WiFi, and cleaning included in the rate. After the course, most employers will assist you in finding accommodation near to the place of work. Accommodation is normally not included when offered a teaching job in Spain but it is not too expensive at around 400 Euros per month for a single room/ shared apartment. You can save money if you opt to live with other teachers, if that is available.


Our team in Madrid will assist you in getting the right job. The job guarantee is exactly that – we guarantee that you will get a job. We will show you where to look for jobs and have links with many agencies and language schools in Spain. It’s common for people to secure a job between 0-30 days after the TEFL training. We make sure that through the Skype interview that you will be the right kind of person for teaching in Spain, so if you get through that stage you will have no worries. Commonly there are more jobs than teachers available!

Jobs pay around 1000 – 1350 EUR per month and are between 20 – 25 hrs per week. City placements and large companies can pay more and jobs in more rural areas pay a little less. Jobs are mostly available in language centres and are all year round. Language centres provide teaching to all ages, from primary classes to adults, and you can be required to teach any day of the week, but most jobs give two days off per week.


There will be another 5 trainees on your course who are all in the same boat – they have come to Europe to train in TEFL and gain life experience by exploring another culture. In this environment it’s easy to make friends. You can play hard as you study hard in becoming the best teacher you can be.

Many people you meet in the first few weeks of training become friends for your lifetime of teaching in Spain and beyond.


You can normally save about one third of your salary each month, which can be anything from 1000 –  1350 EUR per month.

Accommodation is generally 400 EUR per month and you can opt to share apartments to cut your costs whilst you’re living and working in Spain. The team in Madrid will assist you in securing accommodation throughout the process.



Exact Start Date

The start date is the date specified above and is the first date of training in Madrid. This means you need to arrive at least 4 days before the start date of each course in order to travel to the training location and overcome any jet lag. End dates are exactly 4 weeks later and courses end on a Friday.

Not All Future Start Dates Are Advertised

If you are planning ahead and need start dates even further in the future, contact us and we will tell you all future start dates up to 2 years ahead.

Paid Teaching Jobs Start Dates?

The dates that you start teaching vary. With this program, jobs are available throughout the terms. It’s likely you will start teaching mid term in most positions. Generally teaching jobs are secured and started 0-30 days of the end date of the program. Remember, jobs are guaranteed to all degree holders on this program.

Madrid Start Dates

9 Jan 20176 Feb 20176 Mar 201717 Apr 2017
Deadline Passed!Deadline Passed!Deadline Passed!Deadline Passed!
15 May 201719 Jun 201731 Jul 20174 Sep 2017
Deadline Passed!Deadline Passed!Full!Full!
9 Oct 20176 Nov 2017
8th Jan 20185th Feb 20185th Mar 20182nd Apr 2018
7th May 201818th Jun 201830th Jul 20183rd Sep 2018
8th Oct 201819th Nov 2018

6 Months Or More Paid Teaching

4 Weeks TEFL Training In Madrid


LocationBooking Deposit2nd InstalmentTotal Price
Madrid460 EUR915 EUR1375 EUR


The total price of this program is 1375 EUR. The amounts shown below in other currencies are for reference only. These figures are updated weekly.

Madrid Fees - EU PASSPORT HOLDERS - Other currencies for reference only

CurrencyBooking Deposit2nd InstalmentTotal Price
GBP420 GBP830 GBP1250 GBP
USD545 USD1080 USD1625 USD


LocationBooking Deposit2nd InstalmentTotal Price
Madrid800 EUR2800 EUR3600 EUR


The total price of this program is 3600 EUR. The amounts shown below in other currencies are for reference only. These figures are updated weekly.

Madrid Fees - NON-EU PASSPORT HOLDERS - Other currencies for reference only

CurrencyBooking Deposit2nd InstalmentTotal Price
GBP730 GBP2545 GBP3275 GBP
USD945 USD3315 USD4260 USD

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

− Mark Twain

"Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage."

− Paulo Coelho

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− Robert Frost

What Am I Paying For?

 Full TEFL Certification.
A paid teaching job guarantee.


Madrid can be described as the cultural capital of Europe, and you’ll never be short of things to see and do. You can relax in a cafe in the square after a day full of training, or visit a square for some tapas and music.  Spanish people tend to head out at 9 pm for their evening meals, and this can last beyond midnight if there is too much to talk about! You’ll adapt to the laid back atmosphere so quickly.

Weekends can be filled with sight seeing, a day of art galleries and museums, or simply lazing in the sunshine in a lush green park in the city with good friends and a picnic. You can visit the many bakeries, butchers and greengrocers and practise your conversational Spanish, all the while taking advantage of the sumptuous fresh produce Spain has to offer.

There are even riverside beaches just one hour away from the centre of Madrid and are perfect locations for a quick trip to build a sandcastle! If you prefer the real coast, you’re never more than a short train ride away.


Spain was once the most powerful nation in Europe and the world’s greatest colonial power. As such the history, heritage and culture are ever present in modern day Spain. The Roman remains, Cathedrals and Museums, along with beautiful coastline, un-spoilt beaches and coves, you really get to experience the best of everything!

Bordered by France and Portugal, you will be fully immersed in the Latin culture of Spain. Tapas, siestas, dancing and art are to be found all over the country. If it’s sports you’re into, Real Madrid are on your doorstep and FC Barcelona is only a domestic flight away! Madrid also hosts Warner Brothers Movie World – their equivalent to Disneyland. There really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Spain is the birthplace of many a famous artist such as Picasso, El Greco, Salvador Dali, and Gaudi to name a few. Their works can be seen in the countries’ largest art collections in the Guggenheim Museum, The Prado, Picasso Museum and many more.


Spain’s climate is mild and Mediterranean, with annual temperatures averaging between 9°C and 25°C. Madrid’s average temperature is around 20°C and with the most cloudless days in all of Europe we can almost guarantee the sunshine too! Highs can reach 35°C in the summer months in July and August time. January is the coldest month with December not far behind, and days generally see temperatures of  9°C.


Like many other Spanish speaking countries, the concept of family is extremely important to the Spanish people, along with culture, religion and of course, the famous afternoon siesta!


 Hola – hello!

 Hasta Manana – Good morning!

 Uno bocadillo de jamon por favor – A ham sandwich please

 ¿Dónde esta la playa? – Where is the beach?

 ¿Dónde puedo comprar un sombrero? – Where can I buy a sombrero?

¿Es el momento para una siesta? – Is it time for a siesta?

 ¿Te gustaría bailar? – Would you like to dance?

 Soy profesora de Inglés en España – I am an English teacher in Spain.