Spain was once the most powerful nation in Europe and the world’s greatest colonial power. As such the history, heritage and culture are ever present in modern day Spain. The Roman remains, Cathedrals and Museums, along with beautiful coastline, un-spoilt beaches and coves, you really get to experience the best of everything!

Bordered by France and Portugal, you will be fully immersed in the Latin culture of Spain. Tapas, siestas, dancing and art are to be found all over the country. If it’s sports you’re into, Real Madrid are on your doorstep and FC Barcelona is only a domestic flight away! Madrid also hosts Warner Brothers Movie World – their equivalent to Disneyland. There really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Spain is the birthplace of many a famous artist such as Picasso, El Greco, Salvador Dali, and Gaudi to name a few. Their works can be seen in the countries’ largest art collections in the Guggenheim Museum, The Prado, Picasso Museum and many more.


Spain’s climate is mild and Mediterranean, with annual temperatures averaging between 9°C and 25°C. Madrid’s average temperature is around 20°C and with the most cloudless days in all of Europe we can almost guarantee the sunshine too! Highs can reach 35°C in the summer months in July and August time. January is the coldest month with December not far behind, and days generally see temperatures of  9°C.


Like many other Spanish speaking countries, the concept of family is extremely important to the Spanish people, along with culture, religion and of course, the famous afternoon siesta!


 Hola – hello!

 Hasta Manana – Good morning!

 Uno bocadillo de jamon por favor – A ham sandwich please

 ¿Dónde esta la playa? – Where is the beach?

 ¿Dónde puedo comprar un sombrero? – Where can I buy a sombrero?

¿Es el momento para una siesta? – Is it time for a siesta?

 ¿Te gustaría bailar? – Would you like to dance?

 Soy profesora de Inglés en España – I am an English teacher in Spain.