You’re provided with a few different options for when you’re training, and these options include single and shared accommodation priced between 10,000 – 25,000 THB for the month that you’re there. The higher end of this bracket is for shared accommodation and so the price would be split between two people. For individuals the price bracket for a months accommodation is between 10,000 – 15,000 THB.  More specific information on the accommodation can be provided upon request.


Remember that some time will pass before you get paid your first salary. Fortunately Thailand is a very cheap place to live. We have estimated that you will need around 3000 THB a week for the first weeks before you get paid. You may actually need more or less than this, depending on how well you can budget your cash and whether you are a “big spender”.

Many teachers see Thailand’s first few months as a holiday and this can be a temptation to travel a little and spend more money on partying etc. We ask you to take into account that you will need more cash if you want to drink a lot or go on trips to islands for parties.


It is advised that you to apply for travel insurance before you leave. If you are from the UK or Europe we highly recommend  Long Stay Travel Insurance.


For this program it is suggested to come into Thailand on a double entry tourist visa which can be obtained from any Thai consulate at a price of 2700 THB. Following the program you’ll be given assistance in obtaining the non B visa required to obtain a work permit in Thailand. All visa costs are your responsibility.

A Criminal Record Check

This costs about £24 GBP from Disclosure Scotland, which is the fastest system you can use in the UK and it takes around 2 weeks for them to post your police check to you. You can also pay 10 GBP and get a Subject Access Request from your local police station, but it takes a lot longer to get back to you.

Applicants from countries other than the UK should check with their local police department and ask for a basic check.

Thai Bank Accounts

It costs 500 THB to open for a bank account in Thailand.


You will have to cover the costs of your flights out to Thailand. You can get very cheap flights through Skyscanner.

You also might want to get a flight to the training area, which may cost around 5000 THB but many get sleeper trains as they only cost 500 THB and they enjoy travelling as a group.

Accommodation Deposit

You will normally need to put down two month’s rent as a rental deposit or bond for your accommodation. This will normally be around 8,000 THB. You will also need to pay for your first month’s rent upfront, which will be another 4,000 THB.