Full TEFL Certification

You will be fully TEFL qualified after the training period, enabling you to teach English anywhere in the world. The teaching experience gained during the school term in Thailand adds to your employability should you apply elsewhere after the program.

A Good Teaching Salary

Whilst teaching you will earn at least 30,000 THB per month, which is more than enough money to live in Thailand, as it has extremely low living costs. An average Thai teacher’s salary is roughly between 9,000 – 12,000 THB to give you some indication of living costs. You will be able to live comfortably and have enough money to enjoy yourself.

Training to Teach English in a Paradise Location

Gain your TEFL Certificate in an idyllic surrounding. You need wind-down time after a hard day studying – why not spend that time chilling in a paradise location? Why not indeed! Welcome to TEFL Heaven.

Complimentary Resort Accommodation

Resort accommodation is provided for the 3 weeks of the TEFL course. You will most likely be sharing a room. For your information, we don’t cover any nightly stays outside of the training period.

Placement Accommodation

When in placement you will be given assistance in finding accommodation, normally from the school. It will cost you approximately 4,000 THB each month for rent and around 1,000 THB for other bills.

Your accommodation in your teaching placement will most likely be a one room Thai–style studio apartment or a house (depending on if you are sharing) and will be quite basic: double bed, shower, Thai-style toilet, fan or air con.

You would not normally have a TV, fridge or cooking facilities – Thai people eat out for nearly every meal and the cost of living is extremely low, with street vendors nearly everywhere, so not having a cooker shouldn’t be a problem for you.

"The 3 week training course was fun and informative, and really gave me confidence that I could be a successful teacher. Not to mention it took place in a paradise location, Krabi, surrounded by loads of lovely like-minded people! The trainers were fantastic too - I'm still friends with everyone now and we meet up every weekend.

− David Biggins

Airport Meeting

We can meet you at the airport, if you so desire. There is an extra charge of 40 GBP for us to meet you at the airport then take you to your booked accommodation. Many trainees organise hostel stays with other people on the course through our Facebook groups, and so don’t opt for the airport meeting and travel with other arrivals to the recommended hostels – but we are happy to meet anyone who doesn’t do this!

Assistance with Visas

We guide you in the visa application. Normally you buy a tourist visa before you leave your home country, and then get the working visa once you start teaching.

A Network of Fellow Trainees

You won’t be alone! Around 20 other trainees will accompany you on the TEFL course. It’s very easy and cheap to travel in Thailand, with many public transport options. This is why nearly every weekend we notice trainees meeting up through Facebook in one part of Thailand or another.

Your course group will become a great support for you while you teach here – and most of the people we recruit are very outgoing – you have to be to be a TEFL teacher! It’s very easy to make friends.

Some Thai Language & Culture Training

Every day on the course you get a Thai lesson taught in a TEFL style. This is to help you in learning both Thai and in learning how to teach. Learning at least some Thai is essential in order to buy things and get around – and we make it easy for you to learn on this program.

"I completed my course over 2 years ago and it completely changed my life! I’m still living and working in Thailand and have never been happier."

− Cathy Higgin

Social Events

They’ll be many excursions and events organised by our teachers on the course and whilst on placement (at the weekends) and you’re greatly encouraged to get on board and go exploring with everyone!

An Experience of a Lifetime

Travelling and teaching abroad is a unique experience that you sometimes only get a short window to accept. Once permanent jobs come along, families, etc, it’s more difficult to go out into another country and “find yourself”. Many trainees tell us that coming to Thailand to teach English was the best decision they made at that point in their lives. It really does open your eyes to the world.

So what are you waiting for?