What’s an Internship?

We get asked this question from time to time and it’s a good idea for us to define exactly what we mean by the term “internship” for our TEFL Heaven Internships Thailand Program. Many companies use the term internship and it means different things.

Generally, internships are created by companies to give you a taster of a certain industry and career. They can be for short or long periods of time. An internship is usually a good idea if you have little or no experience in a certain industry.

Within an internship, sometimes there is less responsibility and other times full responsibility is required. Sometimes the actual everyday tasks are mundane and “just being there” is a big part of the internship and experience. On other internship schemes you are a full part of the company and tasks are exactly the same as the full position. Wages may be less or the same than the average salary for that type of job, or you may not be paid at all.

What’s a TEFL Internship compared to a TEFL Job?

Our internships can be translated as a ‘TEFL job for newbies into the TEFL industry’.

Basically our internships are designed as an introduction to the TEFL industry, and the difference here is that you get complete TEFL training before getting launched into what is essentially a proper paid teaching job. Our internships start with a full 120 hour TEFL Certificate and 3 weeks of face-to-face training in a paradise location, meaning you have time to adjust to the country and to what the job entails, before teaching starts.

The actual teaching placement is the exact same as having a TEFL job and you will have full responsibility as a teacher of many classes. There’s no mundane tasks involved here (well, lesson planning might be mundane for some!) and so you get the full experience of being the teacher for around 4-5 months or more. You will also be paid the market rate for TEFL teachers in Thailand, which is at least 30,000 THB.

"The best thing I have done with my life to date. The training was excellent. I had never taught before and was really quite nervous about getting up in front of a room full of people and delivering a lesson, but after my 3 week training I had the confidence to do just that!

− Charlotte Beaumont