Teaching Jobs in Thailand Starting May 2016

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English Teachers recruited to Thailand each year
current positions available for May 2016

We are looking for 45 or more experienced or TEFL qualified teachers

We are recruiting 45 or more experienced or TEFL qualified English teachers for the upcoming school term in Thailand in May 2016 to teach in government primary and secondary schools.

Teaching in Thailand is rewarding because Thai students are eager to learn and want to improve their English skills. Thai schools value foreigners contribution not only in the skills transfer but also in being an ambassador for Western culture.

Thailand is a great country to teach English in because of it’s warm weather, friendly locals, great food and cheap living. The positions we have are central and north-eastern Thailand, so not busy cities in any sense. Life is a lot more relaxed in these places and people are generally genuinely interested in being friends with English teachers and other foreigners.

The Teaching Jobs Details:

  • Teach in Isaan area – the north-eastern part of Thailand or central Thailand
  • Full time contracts are available – 20 – 24 teaching hours
  • One semester contracts – Mid May 2016 to end of September/ beginning of October 2016
  • Assistance in acquiring a work permit & working visa
  • Salary of at least 30,000 THB per month
  • Isaan positions have a housing allowance of 3,000 THB per month
  • Full curriculum and lesson planning support provided

Two Program Options:

Thai Language Program OR Induction Only Program

Option 1: Join Our 2 Day Thai Language Course

We are holding a Thai language course over 2 days in a Bangkok hotel to cover the basics of Thai. This will give you “Get By Thai” and to get your Thai language journey off to a good start! This is open to all teachers we recruit for May 2016.

Those who book this course also get preferential treatment in terms of the teaching jobs. In other words, we value those people more and arrange placements earlier for these people – commonly before they even leave their home country. This is because they have given more commitment to us by booking this course. Placement locations can be secured within a few weeks of booking this course.



Those on this program also join a 1 day induction right after the course where we talk about living and working in Thailand and Thai culture. They also get 3 nights accommodation in a hotel in Bangkok, sharing with one other person of the same gender.

The cost for this program is 55 GBP  (about 80 USD) – but we make no profit from this venture – it just assures us that those who accept our jobs are fully committed to actually coming to Thailand to teach English. Joining this program also means you have some time to meet new people and learn Thai as a group! It’s easy to make friends when you are all there for the same reasons.

Option 2: Join Our 1 Day Induction into Thailand

There is no cost for this. You can join us on the day of our induction and we will talk about living and teaching in Thailand as well as Thai culture.

We still offer you a guaranteed teaching job if you pass the Skype interview with us, it just means we are not fully assured that you are coming to Thailand until you actually arrive. So we may sort the location of your placement before you arrive, or when you arrive.



  • Native English speaker.
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) with English language teaching certification (CELTA, TESOL, TEFL).
  • Either a TEFL / TESOL / CELTA certificate OR 3 months experience in teaching English (TEFL) OR both.


  • Send your CV / resumé, a recent photo and this application form to us by email: jobs@teflheaven.com
  • If successful, we will schedule a Skype interview.
  • If you pass interview, we invite you to book a place with us.
  • Once booked, we send you more information and guide you in how to prepare.