Benefits of TEFL Certification

Once trained in TEFL, you can teach English abroad, anywhere in the world.


A Great Demand For English (TEFL) Teachers

There is a great demand for English instruction worldwide. ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations – Asia’s equivalent of the European Union) have adopted it as the official language of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community). There is a demand from people who want to learn English on all continents.

The British Council conducted a study over 15 years ago and determined there were over 1bn people learning English worldwide. In our opinion, much of this expansion of English stems from the quality and scope of Hollywood movies. English has become one of the most popular languages in the world and will continue to increase in popularity.

A Lack of Supply of English (TEFL) Teachers

Coupled with the great demand for English (TEFL) teachers, there is a great lack of supply to fill these positions! Many schools in many countries are struggling to get teachers. Obviously different countries have differing supply – we are talking about the whole world here – but generally there is a fight to get good quality teachers. Generally the requirement to teach English in all countries is a TEFL Certificate – which you can achieve after only 3 weeks training in most cases!

Million People Learning English Worldwide

It’s Quick To Get Qualified to Teach English Abroad!

There are very few professions in the world where all you need is a few weeks training and you are seen as qualified in that profession – but this is the truth with English (TEFL) teaching! One of the reasons for this, in our opinion, is the demand for teachers and the lack of supply. This gives many young people with or without skills, where unemployment is high worldwide, a great opportunity to get a paid teaching job overseas. Many older people who want a change of life also have an opportunity to fulfil the dream they missed out on in their younger years by changing profession and teaching abroad.

Where Will Your TEFL Training Take You? 

Once qualified in TEFL you are able to teach anywhere in the world. However some more prestigious employers who pay higher salaries may ask for more teaching experience or more expensive qualifications like CELTA or CertTESOL. However for most jobs a TEFL certificate is sufficient. You can read more about different certificates in our Internships Thailand section – TEFL Accreditation Explained.

Not all countries have a paying TEFL industry, and not all countries want native English teachers either. If you want to teach English in India, for example, you might end up volunteering. Go to Thailand and you’ll be paid handsomely – the same with Vietnam. Latin America has paid positions as well, but compared to Asia they are not as well paid.

There are even jobs in native English speaking countries, but since many TEFL teachers return home, there is a higher number of teachers available and not as many jobs. Employers can be more picky and may require years of experience or higher certificates.

"Fantastic course that provided me with the skills necessary to become a successful teacher in Thailand and gave me a network of other teachers who I trained with.

− Jerry Linnane

The Dark World Of Online TEFL 

Many people choose to do online TEFL and then seek jobs abroad – as there is such a lack of supply of teachers, some employers do accept these people. In our experience, online TEFL alone is not sufficient and will cause major confidence issues if you secure a job using this as your “qualification”. Some companies sell teaching abroad as “all you need is an online TEFL” – we vehemently declare that should you do an online TEFL alone, you will struggle greatly when you start teaching abroad because you have not had any chance to practice teaching theories beforehand.

You get what you pay for! While online TEFL boasts of affordability, what you don’t increase in much is actual ability or skills in teaching. Some subjects are perfect for learning online (grammar, for example), but most teaching theories need to be practiced! That’s why we advocate at least 2 weeks face-to-face TEFL training to help you build in confidence.

-Benefits of Face-to-Face TEFL Training In-Country-

Experience The Culture And The Country Beforehand

By taking the TEFL course you will have a chance to experience the culture and country before you start teaching. It’s a bit like a soft landing. This will help you get used to the culture gradually so that you don’t experience too much culture shock before you delve into the thick of things. Moving abroad is stressful enough, so you want as much preparation and guidance from our team as possible.

Learn With Other Native English Speakers

The friendships you will develop on the course will be friendships you can keep throughout your stay abroad. They become a great support as you share similar journeys. You will find that although you would like to immerse yourself in the culture or even try your hand at the language, you will always find that speaking with another native English speakers is a breath of fresh air to your system.

"The training is not only incredibly informative but it is also a barrel of laughs. The training allows you to not only be the teacher but also the children in the practise class, which is a great way to learn and so much fun. It turns out I still love silly games. During training the fun continues in the evenings as you can go out or relax but all with over 20 other like minded people. I have memories from training on Koh Samui that I will never forget."

− Faye Dadley