Why Choose TEFL Heaven Internship - 7 Reasons You Need to Know

7 Reasons Why The TEFL Heaven Internships Thailand Program is Much Better than i-to-i’s Teach in Thailand Internship

Here at TEFL Heaven, we are not afraid to tell you about our major competitor, i-to-i, and let me tell you why. We usually aren’t one to boast too much (not directly in words anyhow) about why we are so good, but we felt that people had to be told the truth about the differences between our programs because many people have asked us what the difference is, being somewhat confused over it all. It should be clear to everyone just how we do differ compared to i-to-i after this post!

i-to-i’s Teach in Thailand Internship from the outset looks quite similar to the Paid Internships Thailand Program, but let me tell you why TEFL Heaven Internships Thailand blows the i-to-i Teach in Thailand Internship completely out of the water for value!

The biggies:

1. Face-to-face TEFL training vs online TEFL training. We actually train you practically in TEFL by doing it face-to-face (and on a paradise island!). i-to-i will put you on a distance learning TEFL, so you have to slog it out before you arrive. Online TEFL does not really prepare you well for the classroom. We build your confidence in teaching practice on our course.

2. You make genuine friends on our course. You get a nice 5 day induction in Bangkok with i-to-i before you start teaching, with probably around 60-100 people. We give you 3 weeks TEFL training on a paradise island with another 23 trainees with induction to living and teaching in Thailand included. You stay with us for 3 weeks in a lovely setting so new friendships are really solidified whereas you’ll probably forget everyone but the guy that sat next to you with i-to-i.

Dancing Interns

This was our Koh Chang Interns doing a marketing video for us on the beach! They performed “Happy!” by Pharrell Williams which you can find on our YouTube channel.

3. We pay more salary than i-to-i. With i-to-i, for the actual teaching placement, you get paid 16,000 THB with free accommodation. With TEFL Heaven teaching placements you get at least 25,000 THB per month. That is one of the main differences to be honest, and probably a big persuading factor to anyone reading this.

i-to-i will provide accommodation, so let’s add on another 4000 THB per month onto that wage because that’s how much a single studio apartment costs in Thailand. So i-to-i pay 20,000 THB per month, and TEFL Heaven offer you 25,000 – 30,000 THB per month.

That’s a difference of 10,000 THB (around 200 GBP), per month!  On that basis alone we are better!

4. You get more value from our training course for the same price. i-to-i’s Teach in Thailand Internship is generally the same price as The TEFL Heaven Internships Thailand Program, but we train you face-to-face for 3 weeks in a paradise location, with complimentary accommodation and build your confidence as a teacher before you set out to teach! I am not sure how much it costs them to give you an online TEFL course, but it costs us a lot more to provide quality trainers and complimentary holiday resort accommodation for 21 nights!

And some other differences:

5. We give you a much more personal service. TEFL Heaven is a division of Experience Teaching Abroad Ltd, or ETA as we like to be called. We are a small personal company who know the names and not the numbers of those we bring to Thailand. i-to-i is a multi-million pound organisation.

6. You can stay longer with our internships if you want. You can renew your contract after 4.5 months. I am not sure if you can do this with i-to-i.

7. Paradise! Did I mention that we train you in TEFL for 3 weeks in a paradise location?


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