paid teach English Abroad programs
with tefl training in
paradise beach and exotic city locations!

paid teach English Abroad programs 
with tefl training in
paradise beach and exotic city locations!

Get paid to teach English abroad

If you want to make an impact, this is it...

We understand how difficult it is to find a meaningful career after you leave University. You want to make an impact and a difference in the world, yet you lack the skills and the experience to do that.

Companies no longer focus on just your academic background... they also look at whether you can dynamically adapt and respond to the challenges of the rapidly evolving environment.

Finding a meaningful career shouldn’t be so hard!

That’s why we created TEFL Heaven. TEFL Heaven provides you with English teacher training combined with guaranteed paid placements abroad. Together, they’ll give you the skills and the expertise you need to differentiate yourself in the job market and face your future with confidence!

Our TEFL programs have a 93% 5-star rating average from our alumni – so you can be rest assured you’re in good hands.

Here’s how our TEFL training program works:

Tefl Application

Step 1: Application Process: Apply for one of our TEFL programs using our application form. We’ll arrange a video interview with you over Skype to assess your eligibility.


Step 2: Get TEFL Trained Once accepted onto the program, you’ll travel to your chosen Country for your TEFL training which can last anywhere between 3-5 weeks.


Step 3: Get Paid To Teach: Put your new skills into immediate action by taking a paid teaching placement in one of our partner schools for anywhere between 5 and 12 months.

Your Path To A Successful Future Starts Here...

We believe the key to a good life is being future ready... and this means being able to handle the pressures and challenges of modern day living.

Having teaching experience abroad makes it easier to land your dream job, and also helps you develop the key skills you need to face the future with confidence!

Plus, taking a TEFL program is probably one of the most deeply fulfilling and emotionally rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Not only will you be making a real difference to the lives of the students you teach, but you’ll also develop the competence to teach anywhere in the world.


Minute Consultation CALL

With one of our travel experts to answer any questions you may have about teaching English abroad.

On the call you will discover

  • All of the teaching programs and locations available
  • Program eligibility and criteria
  • More information about the TEFL training period and types of teaching placements on offer
  • The chance to ask us any questions you have 

Here’s why you’ll LOVE our TEFL programs:

  • Full Support: We give you the necessary help and information you need to have an amazing and life-changing experience
  • Guaranteed placements: On completion of your TEFL training – put your skills into immediate action in the classroom AND get paid at the same time!
  • Meet like-minded people: Our students often make life-long friends during placements
  • Fantastic opportunity: To experience a new Country, culture and environment!
  • Be future ready: Develop essential life-skills which will help you land your perfect job
  • Gain independence: Live life on your own terms
  • Travel the world and teach: If you want to spend more time traveling and want to get paid to do it, then TEFL is the perfect way to do just that!
  • Your safety is our top priority: We ensure you’re paired with other students so you’re never left alone, plus you’ll always be able to reach us in an emergency

Start your journey...

...with TEFL Heaven today and see for yourself just how easy it is to travel, teach and transform the lives of others, while also giving yourself a huge head-start in your chosen career.

teach English in Prague Czech Republic - Luke

A really good way to get a teaching job but also to experience a completely different culture in a fantastic city at the heart of Europe. If anyone is thinking about getting into TEFL then this is the way to do it!

 Luke Clarke

​ See full review on the Go Overseas website >>>

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