5 reasons why face to face TEFL training is better than online TEFL


Below, Teacher Lane explains the benefits of doing a face to face TEFL program and why her decision to train In Thailand over doing an Online program was the best choice she made.

Before coming to Thailand to work as an English teacher, I grappled with the idea of getting my TEFL certificate through an online program, rather than taking an face-to-face course. However, after my 3 week teacher training period in Thailand finished, I was so happy that I decided to train face-to-face and couldn’t imagine doing it any other way! Here’s Why:


Instead of sitting behind a computer, I got my TEFL certification on a paradise island! Spending 3 weeks on Koh Chang definitely had its perks: Dipping into the ocean on lunch break, watching the sunset on the beach every night, snorkelling on the weekends! I would take sunshine, sand, and flip flops over a computer screen any day!


2. Friends

Moving to another country by yourself can be a bit intimidating! I was worried that it would be hard to meet people and I would miss my friends back home. However, I spent my first 3 weeks in Thailand with 20 other like-minded, adventurous people. Everyone connected so quickly, since we were all in the exact same situation. If I hadn’t done a face-to-face training, I never would have met all of these amazing people that I now consider lifelong friends. We became a big family and have stayed close and supported each other through this entire journey. Now I have friends living all over Thailand and we love meeting up on the weekends to travel together!

3. Fun

Face-to-face TEFL training is a blast! Instead of clicking through slides, reading, and taking tests as you would in an online program, our face-to-face training was completely interactive! No day was ever the same and we were constantly moving around and being silly. We learned through games, activities, songs, and dancing. Throughout the course we did planking competitions, scavenger hunts, silly video competitions, practical jokes, a talent show, and so much more! Laughs were shared, bonds were formed, and memories were made every single day.

4. Advice

Face-to-face TEFL training teaches you things that you would never learn from an online course. This is because the people who are training you were in the exact same position as you not too long ago! Nothing beats being able to ask questions and get advice from people who are drawing on actual experience and have been teaching in Thailand long enough to know the ins and outs. In addition, we got Thai language and culture lessons throughout our training to give us a head start on acclimating to Thai life.

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5. Network

After my face-to-face TEFL training, I walked away not only with a TEFL certificate, but a group of friends, a wealth of knowledge, a guaranteed job, a teaching agency, and an incredible network of people throughout Thailand. I wouldn’t have been nearly as prepared to start life in Thailand as a teacher if I hadn’t done a face-to-face training and I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun! And, at the end of this term, I will be assisting with a training course of a fresh group of future teachers coming to Thailand, an opportunity I never would have gotten had I not done a face-to-face TEFL training!