The Best Way to Travel the World is Through TEFL

8 Reasons Why TEFL is the Best Way to Travel the World!

Teaching!!!  To some this occupation may sound quite ominous, being the center of attention for at least an hour, and having students’ learning dependent upon only you! Don’t let it get to you, as long as you are open minded, ANYONE can teach…absolutely anyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re shy or the class clown, if you were an esteemed English major or absolutely hated school. As long as you have a good sense of fun and willingness to help students, you’ve got it covered.

Once you’re got that issue out of the way, you can sign up for the best travelers job in the WORLD! Here’s why we at TEFL Heaven think it’s so:

1.It’s the BEST way to ingrate into the local community:

You’ll become accustomed to the cultural holidays and daily practices, get to know the families of your students and co-workers. Your co-workers will take you out for food, and some even end up taking you to their favorite places on the weekend. You’ll end up going to places that no tourist would ever know about.

Songkran – Holiday in Thailand of which the nation takes a week off to have the worlds biggest water fight!


It’s known even in your home country that teachers have the most holiday time of any other occupation, and paid holiday at that. Abroad, there are often even more holidays and traditions that you will learn about and enjoy. It  means more time to travel and discover the new country you’re living in, and it’s neighboring countries as well if you can manage it.

3. Instant travel buddies –

It’s highly unlikely that you won’t meet fellow English teachers that you will bond with. They usually automatically become not only your co-workers, but also awesome travel buddies, so you’ll never have to worry about adventuring on your own 😀

4. Learn the language with ease  

As an English teacher, you may have students that don’t speak a word of English (that’s why they need you!). Don’t worry though, there is usually a teaching assistant there to help with misunderstandings and miscommunication in the lesson. In this way, speaking with your students and listening to them talk, as well as socializing with your teaching assistants and local co-workers, you will be picking up the language in no time.

5. No massive commitment

Teaching contracts can be as little as 6 months long. If you want to work abroad in most other professions, they ask for a one or two year commitment at least. Also, if you are not happy in your job placement, there are always tons of teaching positions waiting elsewhere – even in a different country if you choose to travel after 6 months.

6. Save money for travel

Most countries that you can teach English in will have quite a low GDP compared to your home country. You won’t be spending a lot of money on living expenses, and even travel within the country is cheap.

7. Once trained, you can work anywhere in the world

After your TEFL training, you can choose to teach in any non-English speaking country you want. There’s bound to be several jobs options out there for you!

8. You’re always surrounded by like minded, friendly people

Usually those that are teaching English are in a time of their lives where they want to try something new, are looking for travel adventure as well as the experience of living in a new culture. In other work abroad, some may not be in the same mind-set as you, and those that are simply traveling for a few weeks will only see the ‘tourist’ side of the country. You get the whole sha-bang, with people that want it all too.