List of Places Where You Can Enjoy Teaching English and Go Surfing at the Same Time

Choose your own adventure: TEFL to Surf

Teaching English in itself is such a rewarding job, non-native English students are so eager to learn, and so grateful for the time you take for them – even (actually especially) if it’s just a game you play with them. As a teacher you become immersed in the local culture and community you’ve become a part of. You’ll celebrate their holidays, their cultural traditions, and even have endless amounts of local food pushed at you! In between all of this, you are still going to have quite a lot of your own freedom, your own free time to travel or purse any bobbies you may have, or want to try out. It’s not all about teaching!

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Teaching English is a lot of fun, but it could also be the means for you to pursue other loves in your life. We are not joking when we say, you’re getting paid to travel, and perhaps even getting paid to pursue your hobbies as well. One of which stands out is the surfing culture – most of our paradise locations happen to be in countries that have some amazing surf spots, for both those learning about the sport and those who are closer to the professional side. Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile – all locations in South America with beautiful terrains, but even more beautiful coastal scenery.

Here’s your guide of where to go if you take your TEFL in any of these countries:

1.Costa Rica ~ TEFL course in Manuel Antonio:

Even this quaint Costa Rican village, belittled by the Manuel Antonio National Park – has it’s own surf school. The Manuel Antonio Surf school will take you to nearby beaches such as Playa Dominical, Isla Damas, and of course Manuel Antonio Beach. Another near beaches known for its great surf breaks is Playa Hermosa, but you would have to find your own transport there.

Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica


2. Mexico ~ TEFL course in Puerto Vallarta:

The town of Puerto Vallarta itself has beautiful white sandy beaches, perfect for a day of sunbathing, but the real surfing is north of these shores if you’re looking for some good waves. Puerto Vallarta also has it’s own surf school:

Waves in Mexico

3. Brazil ~ TEFL course in Rio de Janiero:

Not only the home of the Summer Olympics this year, but did you know it’s also a great place to shred the gnarrr on the weekends?! Southern Rio has been known as the place to head, with some spots you can ride a bicycle to, some you may need to catch a bus. There are several surf schools dotted along the coast for your choosing if you’re a beginner, and there are even great local schools in Rio like ‘Surf Gloria’. Surf Gloria also happens to do great things for the Rio community like run a free children’s program to keep kids out of trouble when they’re not in school – so some of your students could be budding surfers too! Check it out —>

4.  Argentina ~ TEFL Course in Buenos Aires: 

Argentina has quite a few secret surf spots, and it’s not too well known for its surfing so it’s perfect for beginners that don’t want to be on a busy beach. Most of the surfing schools are actually dotted on the coast quite near to Buenos Aires, and in small towns that have quite the eclectic cultures – so they are treasures to visit! Mar del Plata is the best known surf spot just south of Buenos Aires, here’s a look at the surf culture in this beautiful beach town:

5. Chile ~ TEFL Course in Santiago: 

Chile is quite a popular spot for surfers to head to, any time of the year. For those that love varying weather, you could even try snowboarding in the Andes mountains one day, and surfing in the ocean the next, Santiago has the best of both worlds. The number one spot for surfing in Chile, just happens to be 3 hours southwest of the capital in a small coastal town named Pichilemu – which has a few different beaches, some of which are perfect for beginners and have smaller waves, while other beaches are known for 6ft swells that are exciting for the experienced surfer.


Pichilemu sunset surf