List of Places Where You Can Teaching English and Go Volcano Hiking

Choose Your Own Adventure: TEFL to Volcano Hikes!

Come on, be honest, you’re not adventuring abroad teaching English just to mope about on the weekends! You’ll want to get out into the new country you’re living in and explore all the amazing sites it has to offer. One of the most amazing wonders that mother nature created is the volcano, a looming mountain full of molten lava, that under certain circumstances can completely change the surrounding earth for miles with an eruption. They’ve existed since the beginning of the earth’s existence, and they have been the creators of our earth formations and continents, so visiting one is like visiting an ancient mother of the earth if you will.

Thankfully due to progress in science, scientists are able to predict whether or not a volcano is going to erupt any time soon – whether it’s dormant, or completely non-functional anymore. Those that are dormant are amazing sites to see and explore. Hiking up a volcanic rock covered path to reach the top holds not only spectacular views, but the steam rising from the center and heat you can feel at the top is pretty amazing. There may even be hot springs to bathe in, and spots you could even cook a meal straight on the surface!

Here are some volcanoes hikes ready and waiting at several of our TEFL Heaven training locations:

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica: TEFL Course in Manuel Antonio –

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Villarca Volcano, Chile ~ TEFL Course in Santiago:

Villarca Volcano, Chile

Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala ~ TEFL Course in Angitua

Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

El Misti Volcano, Peru ~ TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

El Misti Volcano, Peru

Mount Paektu Volcano, China ~ TEFL Course in Shanghai:

Mount Paektu Volcano, China

3 peaks of Ajusco, Nevado de Toluca, and Iztaccíhuatl Volcano, Mexico ~ TEFL Course in Puerto Vallarta:


Mount Ajusco Volcano, Mexico