Chocolate lovers will love Thailand! Kit Kat Chunkies are everywhere

Why Kit Kat Chunkies Can Save Chocolate Lovers In Thailand: The Land of Rubbish Chocolate

In recruiting many people to teach English in Thailand over the past 6 years or so, some have ventured to actually ask me questions during interview. One of these commonly stands out:

“What do you like about Thailand? My top answer, every time, and number one love about Thailand is the food!

Thai food is cheap, fast-made, it’s hygienic (but it will take a few weeks to get your bowels used to it, ahem) and most of all, it’s just so tasty! When I say Thai food, I really mean Thai hot meals, which is normally anything with rice or noodles.


Another commonly asked question is “What do you miss about the UK?”. Chocolate lovers everywhere can relate to me here – yes, real chocolate!

Thailand has chocolate, don’t get me wrong, but nothing beats British chocolate – sorry America! I wish Cadbury’s had exported all the great chocolate around the world so everyone reading this post could relate.

So in a land of crap chocolate, what is one to do? Rely on the almighty Kit Kat Chunky bar.

I am now going to explain why Kit Kat Chunkies can solve all your chocolate problems in Thailand. 

7-11-ThailandKit Kat Chunkies are Everywhere!

Kit Kat Chunkies are sold in every 7-11 convenience store here in Thailand, and you are never more than 100ft away from a 7-11 in Bangkok, and possibly every town in Thailand has one or fifty (I am not sure, having not visited every town).

My point is, that they are accessible! If you get a choc attack, like I do frequently, you are never too far away from a Kit Kat Chunky!

Kit Kat Chunkies are just so… Chocolatey!

Kit Kats rose in popularity when the Kit Kat Chunky came into existence. Yes, we all did love a good Kit Kat before (remember “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”?), but when Kit Kat Chunkies came onto the scene, we didn’t just like Kit Kats, we loved them.

And it’s because the difference between the regular Kit Kat and Kit Kat Chunkies is the amount of chocolate inside them. I’m one who loves the biscuit part of a Kit Kat as well, don’t get me wrong, but every chocolate bar should have much more chocolate than biscuit as a rule (well that’s my rule anyway).

Kit Kat Chunkies In Thailand Are Made Of Real Chocolate – Honest!

There will be many Thailand residents who are chocolate lovers reading this article and shouting at the screen “Kit Kat Chunkies in Thailand are not real Kit Kat Chunkies!”. I hear you, we all feel your frustration with Thailand and chocolate, but don’t fool yourselves. You’ve been in Thailand too long, because I am here to tell you that Kit Kat Chunkies are made from real chocolate.

Maybe I’ve eaten too many Kit Kat Chunkies from Thailand, or maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but every day (or every week, hope my wife is not reading this blog!) I have a Kit Kat Chunky that tastes just like a real Kit Kat Chunky from the UK.

So there you have it, are you coming to Thailand to teach English but are worried there won’t be good chocolate for those moments where chocolate is the only thing that can satisfy you? Do not worry, the Kit Kat Chunky will save you.

Some Possible Disadvantages of Kit Kat Chunkies

With pleasure, there is always pain! There are some challenges with the Kit Kat Chunky chocolate craving satisfaction theory and methodology I am proposing, and as a good university graduate, I must give a balanced argument.

Kit Kat Chunkies Are Expensive (At Least On A Regular Basis)

It costs 25 THB in the 7-11 for a Kit Kat Chunky. That’s just about 10 THB less than a plate of chicken fried rice, or any other good meal for that matter. So if you like Kit Kat Chunkies, add an extra meal onto your budget daily. For a TEFL teacher in Thailand, that won’t break the bank, but it will be noticeable.

However, you can buy a pack of four Kit Kat Chunkies from the Tesco Lotus supermarket in Thailand for 100 THB – what a saving! Whichever Tesco manager decided on that logic needs shot! Or fired – one of the two!

kitkat_chunkyKit Kat Chunkies Are Not Chunky Enough

Sometimes a Kit Kat Chunky isn’t enough – there are only three bits to a bar – so that’s only three bites. Buying two bars is therefore recommended. If you do, remember to add another cost of a hot meal to your budget!

Can you see how this is getting expensive now?

Kit Kat Chunkies Don’t Last Long Enough

It takes less than one minute to eat a Kit Kat Chunky. That’s not enough time to enjoy it! There seems to be no solution to this, except to eat more slowly, but if you have a choc attack, that’s impossible!

wrapperEveryone Wants A Bit

Smuggling Kit Kat Chunkies into my office is my speciality, but getting away with eating them alone is getting harder and harder. It’s a lot easier to say no to my work colleagues than my kids though. They scream and run at me, and especially my two year old. I give in every time, I haven’t the heart to eat it all myself in front of them. This is why you should always buy two Kit Kat Chunkies.

And there is always the ‘eat in the toilet’ option. They never find me in there. C’mon, you know you have done it!