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teach English in Costa Rica

Speak To Us About This Program:
(+1) 916 692 0226 (USA/ CAN)
(+44) 208 1333 885 (UK)

Manuel Antonio TEFL Program Summary

Start with 4 weeks TEFL/ TESOL training and certification in Manuel Antonio, a coastal location in Costa Rica, before receiving a paid teaching job in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is one of the most advanced countries in Latin America, and as such many of their natives want to learn English! English is the language of business and there are opportunities in Costa Rica to teach in language centers where the focus of teaching is on children and adults who want to increase their English language skills!

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If you are interested in getting a job right after the TEFL, you will be provided plenty of job finding assistance making this more than possible. I strongly recommend taking your TEFL course in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica! 

Laura Hayes

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Key Program Details

  • Fully Accredited TEFL/ TESOL Certificate qualifying you to teach English anywhere in the world
  • Job placement services from our team in Manuel Antonio and a guaranteed paid work placement in Costa Rica within 30 days of finishing the course
  • Pre-departure guidance on visas, accommodation choices, types of work available, costs of living and salary guides, connections with previous teachers - everything you need to be as prepared as you can be for your paid teaching abroad experience
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    Cultural program including a local historical tour, Spanish language classes, a Salsa dancing session and  authentic Spanish  cooking classes
  • Lifetime worldwide job assistance from our team so you can find work in other countries after your first session teaching abroad
  • Friends come naturally on this program. There are typically 6 or more candidates on the course every month, meaning acquaintances become close friends really quickly

Costa Rica is Known For Being a Paradise

Costa Rica is a popular country to teach English in because of the beautiful landscapes, exotic flora and fauna, the hot weather, and the laid back lifestyle.

Known for having the highest quality of life in Central America, it comes as no surprise that Costa Ricans (or Ticos / Ticas) are renowned for their friendly and peaceful nature. Costa Rica’s military was actually abolished back in 1948 after victory in the civil war, which shows exactly how much they have adopted a peaceful attitude to life!

The country boasts a greater biodiversity than the USA and Europe combined. Sprawling with vast natural beauty, from pristine beaches, dense rainforests, breathtaking national parks, over 60 volcanoes, beautiful waterfalls, and exotic and wonderful wildlife of all kinds – it’s good to know that over a third of the country is under some form of environmental protection.

You Will Be Fully Qualified After TEFL Training

This program consists of 4 weeks TEFL/ TESOL training, which will be a mixture of daytime study and some evening work and assignments. TEFL/ TESOL trainers will make sure you have everything you need to become a confident teacher of English (TEFL/ TESOL) in Costa Rica.

Once qualified, the world is yours and you can use your TEFL/ TESOL certificate in other countries - there is no expiry date to the TEFL/ TESOL certificate. The TEFL/ TESOL certificate is externally accredited and accepted worldwide.

A Time to Make Friends

After gaining skills, making friends in this period is what it is all about. Spending so much time each day around the same people who are in the same situation means friendships solidify quickly. Everyone wants to support each other. It's one of the great benefits of starting your journey teaching abroad in this way.

Finding Work is Easy Through Our TEFL/ TESOL Team

During the TEFL/ TESOL training period, we give you all the tools, resources and contacts you need to secure a paid teaching job. Most jobs are secured within a few weeks after the course, and sometimes even shorter than that. A great benefit is to have our experienced in-country TEFL/ TESOL team at your disposal recommending good places to work, and where to avoid applying for jobs.

In Costa Rica, most teaching jobs are in language centers, so typically you will be teaching adults, with some younger classes, depending on the employer. It's also common to travel to corporate locations and teach company staff English, as well as have private students to tutor.

Contract lengths are for around 6 months or more. Salaries vary, but are around the equivalent of 450 - 800 US dollars per month, which is about how much it costs for living costs but there is a chance to save some money if you budget well. 

Eligibility for this Program:

You must be a native English speaker to be eligible for this program. In terms of the job placement services, through our experience we know those with a bachelors degree (in any subject) secure jobs within 30 days after the end of the training - and in most cases this is shorter.

Accommodation is Affordable on a Teaching Salary

Accommodation costs during training are around 800 USD for 4 weeks. You have the option of living with home stay family or shared apartment for the duration of the course. Our home stay families are carefully vetted, meaning you don't need to worry about who you stay with. 

Staying with an Costa Rican family is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture – especially if you want to improve your Spanish.

After training and when you are in your teaching job, accommodation is much cheaper, at around 400 USD for a shared apartment. Doing the course with others helps you to make friends and it's common to share accommodation with those friends afterwards when you start your teaching jobs.


Program Fees

The full price of the this program in 2018 is $1700 US dollars.  This gives you a 4-week long, fully accredited TEFL / TESOL training certificate in Manuel Antonio, meaning you can teach English and get paid anywhere in the world, as well as job assistance from our team in Manuel Antonio and worldwide lifetime job seeking assistance from TEFL Heaven.

This is split into 2 payments - a booking deposit to secure your place (after a successful Skype / FaceTime interview), and then a final payment normally due 30 days before your selected start date.

The first installment of $550 US dollars is due when you book the program. The final installment of $1150 US dollars is due no less than 30 days before your course start date. Please note there is an additional charge of $135 US dollars for required textbooks for Costa Rica. 

You have to pay the first installment in US dollars, so if this is different than your own currency, please see www.xe.com for current exchange rates, which change daily.

Start Dates

2018 Start Dates

Wednesday 21st November - Tuesday 18th December (Places filling up fast)

2019 Start Dates

Monday 21st January - Friday 15th February (Spaces available)

Monday 18th February - Friday 15th March (Spaces available)

Wednesday 20th March - Tuesday 16th April (Spaces available)

Monday 22nd April - Friday 17th May (Spaces available)

Wednesday 22nd May - Tuesday 18th June (Spaces available)

Monday 24th June - Friday 19th July (Spaces available)

Wednesday 24th July - Tuesday 20th August (Spaces available)

Monday 26th August - Friday 20th September (Spaces available)

Wednesday 25th September - Tuesday 15th October  (Spaces available)

Monday 21st October - Friday 15th November  (Spaces available)

Wednesday 20th November - Tuesday 17th December  (Spaces available)

Things to Note:

We work on a first come, first served basis, and places fill up fast. Make sure you apply early to get your desired start date.

Not all future dates are advertised. Get in touch if you want to book a date further in the future.

We advise you to arrive at least 4 days before the advertised start date to overcome jet leg and get used to the country at least somewhat before you start training.

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Going to Costa Rica to complete the TEFL Course was the first time I left the United States. I was nervous, scared, and had SO many questions. Going through TEFL Heaven gave me peace of mind, and helped me every step of the way. Any time I had a question, they were quick to respond and happy to help. 


 TEFL Teacher Manuel Antonio

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Begin Your Journey Now

Begin Your Journey Now

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Why Teach English in Costa Rica?

Practice Your Spanish

Immerse yourself in the Spanish language by teaching English in a Spanish-speaking country! You'll be fluent in no time!

Help Others

In life, relationships matter! Your relationship with your students will be the thing you treasure the most in your time abroad.

Explore Latin America

It's easy to visit other Latin American countries when you are already on the continent, and there so many interesting ones to choose from! 

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